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I require screening  for ALL new clients.

 I will ask that you be freshly showered and well groomed before we meet.

If needed, I have a shower available with clean linens and toiletries for your convenience to freshen up.

**Always place the remainder of donation in an unsealed envelope on the visible counter or via cash app upon arrival, before our session starts.*** 


**I do have pets, so if you are allergic, then you may want to re think meeting me.

 My hours are from 10am-8pm only Any emails or texts after 8pm will not be returned until the next day. 

** If you have a problem sharing your personal information, then I will not share mine!

 Some inquirers have less than desirable etiquette and lack simple kindness towards providers, and any negativity will not be tolerated by me therefore, I must remind those of how to properly engage in approaching me.


If you contact me in attempt to negotiate with me in anyway about my screening, deposit polices, or ask explicit questions about my services and/or donations, our communication will be terminated immediately and you will be flagged, reported then blocked, permanently! Any disrespectful and/or explicit emails will be posted publicly on all ladies chat rooms with your contact information for all providers to see. 

I gladly decline inquiries who exhibit behaviors of self entitlement and arrogance. No one is above being screened or sending a deposit.


If you are not interested, then exit my site, and do not contact me. Very simple.  I am only interested in polite gentlemen who understand my policies and abide by them with respect.

Now, let us be safe, respectful to one another and have some fun!

**Screening options- I screen to my comfort level with each individual-

Please provide ONE option below for screening. : 

  •  2 verifiable references and their contact info from providers you've seen- within the past 12 months

  • You holding your Drivers license or ID (you may block out your address, but please have everything else visible

  • P411 ID (with 3 or more OK's within 12 months)

  • Linkedin profile with link and a screen shot

  • TOB Handle with 2 or more references within 12months(sent to me from your TOB account)

  • Work verification (your business or employment website with your photo &  name posted)

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